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Agricultural spare parts

Agricultural spare parts

all type of parts, wearing parts, industrial parts available.

The largest supply of spare parts.

Agricultural spare parts

Spare parts: Plough; Cultivator; Cultivator shanks; Rotovator; Subsoiler points; Seeder; Tractor; Trailer; Baler; Plough and Cultivator Bolts; Keys; wearing parts; fertilizing and spraying…

Hoses. Clamps.

All type of Hoses and Clamps that you need, we supply to you.

Industrial Hoses, technical, agricultural, gardening.

Hoses. Clamps.

All type of Hoses and Clamps:
Garden Hoses;
pump Hoses;
technical Hoses;
fumigation Hoses;
atoxic Hoses;
seeder Hoses;
fuel Hoses;

Irrigation and gardening

Irrigation and Gardening

We have a wide range in Irrigation: sprinkler, drip irrigation and others. Fittings and Programming.

Everything for Irrigation.

Irrigation and Gardening

Sprinklers for Agriculture, Sports and Gardening. Pumps and Spraying. Valves and fittings for agriculture, Sports and Gardening. Programming,  drip irrigation, hydraulic  valves, couplings.
Prunning and cutting tools

Pruning and cutting Tools

The largest range in pruning, cutting and protection for trees and plants.

Everything you searh for, we have it!
We repair tools!

Pruning and cutting Tools

Scissors; Handsaw; Pneumatic scissors and electrical; Grafting knifes; covers; parts for pneumatic and hand scissors ; filing; percusión and cut; crop binding and protection.

industrial hardware

Industrial hardware

Abrassives; Adhesives; Locks; Carts; Cutting Tools; Electrical hand Tools...

Shipment 24 hours.

Industrial hardware

Steel cable and gripping accessories; chain; accesories; textile rope ratchets; lifting accesories and tools; ladders; lubrication equipment; gaskets; wires and nails; bolts, screws; metals; nuts; washers.


Services that Agro Hierro offers its clients:

Production and design according drawing or sampleProduction and design according drawing or sample

Tool repair. Hand and Pneumatic scissors repair

Steel and technical materials sale

Tightening of threaded elements, torque measuring and certification

agro hierro

Since 1984 we provide our clients and customers, spare parts, agricultural and industrial; plus personalized steel Solutions.

Our expertise, production means and the insight of our clients needs, allows us in Agro Hierro to produce any type of steel parts, agricultural and industrial, suiting the required specifications.

Everything you need, we have it or we produce it for you.  Send your Request!

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We are fond of Challenges.

That is why we are renowned for managing the best spare part or hardware in every situation, with highest quality standards. We produce discontinued steel parts suiting your need. Over 30 years of experience working near agriculture and all type of industry has enabled us in Agro Hierro to stock and produce a wide range of spare parts for agricultural and industrial machinery, and the knowhow that our customers appreciate.

Time of response, before 12 hours.

We feel your projects as ours, to provide for the best solution.

Our history

Agro Hierro's HistoryAgro Hierro is founded in 1984, (profiting from 20 years of experience in hardware  steel sector),  as a Family Business.

Today the second generation that has been brought up in values of client service and personal effort, maintains these values and aims at passing them to the new generation.

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